About Us

Hi. I'm Carla. I've spent five years dealing with picky eaters and it drove me absolutely crazy. I thought I did everything right from starting with baby-led weaning, cooking everything from scratch and getting them involved with growing food, shopping, preparing and cooking it.

I've stressed about it and gone through stages of accepting it was just a phase but there was always the underlying concern that the few bites of dinner they would actually eat wasn't nourishing their little bodies and giving them the healthiest start.

It was when my almost two year old started copying her picky big brothers that I despaired at the reality of going through it all over again for another 5+ years. So I created my own plan, advised them of our new dinner rules and it actually worked! I stuck with it and within days they went from gagging on food to eating whole pieces of food and willingly trying new food.

So I've created this page with the hope of sharing this with other frustrated parents and help turn picky eaters into happy nourished eaters without the dinnertime drama.

Next Steps...

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